MAAD X OYUKI signature mitts

MAAD X OYUKI signature mitts

I am very happy and excited to show the first MAAD signature mitts. We only made a limited number of them to finish off the season, so they become Special edition.

First off… WhO is Oyuki ?

Definition of Oyuki = A lot of snow

Last year, I was on a mission to created my own MAAD mitts. I knew what kind of mitts I wasn't able to find them.. In the previews years, I would sometimes buy my mitts at some fancy leather store cause i wanted them small, white, clean and simple... although, they didn’t have the technical features that I needed to perform. So I was on the mission of creating my own. That same year I wen’t to Japan... I always go shopping in little town boutiques or shops for new discoveries and sure enough I found Oyuki. Their mitts where high quality, simple and perfect fit. They used a very soft and impressive leather quality (btw: I am very picky with what I wear and what I associate myself with!) 

So I did hunt them down and I finally talked to the right guy and we ended up on the same page. Oyuki is such great and authentic people / company. We share the same values and we are very proud to do more collaboration work together.


" My goal was to create a combo using the finest fabrics combined with a street inspiration adding the Maad Love patch and embroidery."


Why a JAPANESE lucky cat "maneki-neko ? 

Oyuki & I wanted to add details that represented Japan since our collab started there…  I was thinking of either add "heart" in Kanji symbols or add a lucky cat on my patch. The best part of the lucky cat is that it brings luck and fortune to it’s owner. I was so hyped on the idea of sharing some sort of lucky charm. I need luck at the moment and I thought I wouldn’t be the only one !! 

Thanks to:

I'd like to thank PL Hamel by creating the graphics on my very strict directions! Hahaha. He also brought up the idea of adding the lucky cat since he knew that I was very stoked on them since I visited Japan. Thanks PL, you are the best.

I'd also thank Emily & Matt to believe in passion and who made this possible. I'm very happy to have met you guys. Cheers to Oyuki !

You can now get a pair on my product page !

Thanks everyone for reading! 





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