Cherry on Top - My injuries

Cherry on Top - My injuries

This morning, I got work done on my scar, the one on my eye lid. I got that one from my last major ski injury in March 2018...  I was in Japan and it was the cherry on top of an outragest number of ski injuries over a decate but it was mostly the cherry on top of a terrible 8 months of bad luck.

This morning I had to get to the hospital to see a doctor, one more time. I had to change in that hospital uniform with a grouling stomach, I had to wait for my turn, I had to wait for verdicts, layed on that cold bed another time... with those bright lights in my face but luckily this time, I didn't have to be put under to work on that scar. It was a minor job today, but it made me realize what I have put my body throught over the last decate. WTF did I do. First, I want to spell it out to you so you guys understand... I am not proud but more of the contrary, I was ashame more then anything for the longest time.. Now well, I don't care telling you anymore and maybe you will understand how we all go throught things people dont know about.

For the last decate:

- Fractured both heels at the same time

- Broke my nose

- 2 ACL, both legs, the same time first year into freestyle skiing.

- 1 ACL again left leg

- 1 ACL again right leg

+ a few miniscus, cartilage removal, cartilage work, screws removal, a few touch ups, a lot of check ups

- Nerve damage right knee in 2014-15 from a surgery... + 2 years of tests, a few surgeries trying to clean it up.. pain pain pain... 

- Necrosis: surgery that turned wrong, got a hole in my leg for a couple months, skin graft surgery... etc.....

- Broken Back: L2, L3, L4

- Broken shoulder... doctor didn't see the hair line fracture on Xrayz the first time... in result, I have a inch of my colarbone missing cause it desolved

- Broke my ribs, twice

- Badly sprained ankles .. ligament damage x2.

- Seperate shoulders x2

- Intense bone bruising knees and heels x2

- Huge Hematoma, My ski detached in the air and I fell on it, cut my left Quad muscle 

- Hips Hematomas ( bruised ) on hips, etc

- Got a ski in my eye that cost me 11 stitches and almost my eye sight.

 - On top of that, I will add a broken Jaw & major concussion at age 15 from back flipping on skis with no experience jumping, at all while being 100% a full time diver. Terrible idea.

How did I go thought all of that ? hahaha WTF I guess I was motivated and dedicated.

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