Road Trip - Montreal to Utah

Road Trip - Montreal to Utah

Wink to my friend Max hill with the hat using the GoPro App 

Drive to Utah

*** Pictures explaining my writings at the bottom ! 

It took a while to find inspiration to write my blogs, I didn't know where to start again since I was already engaged in my season and I was getting late on my blogs as my adventures continued.  But seriously, better late then ever and I am excited to tell you about it. Let's start where I dropped off... 3800km drive to Utah ...

So I drove across the country. It wasn't the first time, maybe the 6th time alone & maybe 12th time overall. It's probably not the last time either. In the past I drove to Whistler, Mammoth & Breckenridge.. but once I get there, I explored everywhere. Road trips are magical for me.. Freeing I'd say, when you are well organise and have the will to do it. Anyways... when I drive in direction to the mountains, I feel some sort of relief because when I get to hit the road, it's when I accomplished everything I wanted to do in order to leave. I finally put myself on a different mission, find comfort in discomfort.. which I personally think is exploring.

Leaving home, after spending a decent amount of time there is kinda hard... For me at least, it is. It's leaving a secure place, it's leaving loved ones & it's jumping in the unknown.. which is great & so exciting but first scary. I also wish I could bring everyone with me.  Although I know that in order to create & get inspired I wan't & need it in my life. I don't think I ever been without adventures... I like to follow what I love.. dream, visualize it & go for it. I always seek for self-achievement, it's what drives me.

Those few days in the car were the best transition days, especially toward Utah. I started driving...  for the first day, I wen't from releasing all the stress from Uni, from my season preparation, from packing & organizing ... I hate packing & I always do it last min. Alot of thoughts runs around me in the car... You actually have time & a lot of it.  So I wen't through an elimination process, and it's only after that, I could face myself. I love it. You know later the first day, I wasn't far enough to be detached or to feel 100% engaged in my adventure.. so I did get nostalgic & I did ask myself some questions whether I was doing the right thing or not, but really, you truly end up living in the moment. It's priceless. You go through weird emotions just sitting there looking through the windows and by the time you center yourself again, you realize that you are surrounded by beauty....  You are alone, in the middle of no where and it feels so right. I was then, off to the mountains happy hearted & excited ! I was moving forward and I was on to another mission which includes adrenaline, physical skills, performance... and surrounded with inspiring people & friends all on similar path.. which is our own.

I did experience a very crazy night passing Wyoming, it was a nightmare.. literally. 

It was 8PM pitch black out. There are no lights on that highway. There was no snow, no ice but I have never felt that much wind in my entire life. I was so scared to be driving and I couldn't stop because there was no space to stop & anyways, the only cars & trucks on the side of the road, were the ones flipped. As I drove, all the vehicle passing me seemed drunk due to the wind.. I could only imagine them kicking me off the road, fall on my car or crash in it.. not cool at all. The next exit was 40 miles away no rest area... I think I cried when I saw the sign holding my staring wheel with both hands as hard as I could cause my life pretty much depending on it, just hoping to make it safe. On that 40 miles stretch, I saw at least 15 trucks & 5 cars off road.. in not so good condition. But after a few hours I did make it.

Picture I took the next day, driving out of Wyoming...

I checked into the only hotel there was. It was overbooked with all the truckers talking about the shitty conditions ( no joke ! ) & that the road was now closed. I was alone, I was the only girl there and the hotel man gave me the last shitty room available that smelled like if someone hot boxed it with ciggs and the door lock was in real bad shape. I was scared but safe. I tucked myself to bed, I could still hear how aggressive the wind was outside & I might of cried myself to sleep a little... cause the rush coming down was real. I was horrified on out things were out of control out there !!

I woke up, chair to the knob like in the movies hahaha... It was sunny though !! I grabbed my blanket, wrapped my shitty experience up, added gas and peaced out to my last stretch before arriving to Utah ! That drive was also the best, It's breathe taking.  I was so excited to get to my friends Jess Tidswell (she is like family) and go ski with Grete's Eliasons the next day!


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